Your Digital Cooking Assistant.

SousChef For Mac

Most cooking software stops at letting you organize your recipes. SousChef helps you cook, start to finish. Find a recipe, cook it, modify it and share it with friends & family—all in one application.


SousChef For Mac Features


It doesn’t make any sense to print out a recipe every time you want to cook, so SousChef includes a ten foot mode that lets you place your computer somewhere safe but still read your recipes from across the room. Ten foot mode features a high contrast fullscreen display with smooth transitions and only the info you need to know. While in ten foot mode SousChef can read your recipes to you and can be controlled via speech or a remote.


SousChef uses a cloud database made up of all our users' recipes. Every time a user enters a recipe it is submitted to the database and is instantly available for you to find and cook!


Want to blog about that recipe you cooked last night? SousChef integrates with blogging software to let you blog your favorite recipes in style. Need to email that secret family candy recipe to your brother? Not a problem.


Find recipes based on what you have in your refrigerator. SousChef searches for recipes based on multiple ingredients and ranks them according to how many of each recipe’s ingredients you have. No more searching through hundreds of recipes to find one that you can make without a special trip to the store.


Ever find a recipe that calls for Bok Choy and you happen to be all out this week? Wonder what† you can substitute for it? SousChef lets you substitute ingredients for each-other on the fly based on accepted substitutions.


Ever find a recipe on the web you’d like to save? Our import tool makes it easy, maybe even fun! Just drag a box over each area of the recipe that SousChef hasn’t already identified and then click the correct label. Most recipes can be imported in just a few clicks!

SousChef for iOS

SousChef for iOS is a cooking app that lets you organise your recipes, search our recipe cloud, and cook using your iPad or iPhone.

  • Recipe viewing designed for the confusion of a busy kitchen. When viewing a recipe, turn your iPhone or iPod touch sideways, or tap Fullscreen on your iPad, for larger directions to read at a glance
  • Quickly jot down grocery lists so you can get your shopping done.
  • Search over 200,000 recipes to find your next family tradition.
  • Link with Dropbox to send your recipes between devices running SousChef for iOS and SousChef for Mac.
  • Show off recipes through Twitter, Facebook or email.
  • Text or email grocery lists to keep everyone up to date.
  • Print recipes and grocery lists with AirPrint.
  • Add pictures of your cooking successes to recipes.